What are the necessary documents and requirements for a trip to Morocco?

Documents and Visas

Passport Requirements Desert Explore Marrakech Morocco

Passport Requirements

Entry into Morocco requires a passport that is valid for at least six months. Tourists are allowed a maximum stay of six months within a year, but no more than 90 days within any given six-month period. If an extension is needed, you must reach out to the appropriate police authorities.

Visas Information Desert Explore Marrakech Morocco

Visa Information

Travelers from the following countries are exempt from obtaining a visa for tourist visits: Germany, Argentina, Andorra, Algeria, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Brazil, Belgium, Congo (Brazzaville), Chile, Canada, South Korea, Ivory Coast, Croatia, Cyprus, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Slovenia, Spain, United States, Estonia, Philippines, Finland, France, Greece, Guinea, Indonesia, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Mali, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, New Zealand, Niger, Norway, Oman, Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, and Venezuela.

Vaccinations Desert Explore Marrakech Morocco


There are no mandatory vaccinations required for travel to Morocco. However, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends vaccinations for Hepatitis A and Tuberculosis.

Travel Insurance Desert Explore Marrakech Morocco

Travel Insurance

Although not mandatory, it is advisable to have travel insurance that covers all contingencies during your trip to Morocco, including risks associated with COVID-19. During your travel to Morocco, you won't be covered by Social Security or the European Health Insurance Card. Therefore, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends obtaining travel insurance that covers expenses related to hospitalization, injury transfers, or repatriation when traveling to Morocco.


We strongly suggest that you confirm the latest information from an official source prior to your travel. Please be aware that conditions may vary day by day.

COVID-19 Entry Restrictions

The Moroccan authorities announced the resumption of air passenger transport to Morocco on February 7. Additionally, maritime transport to Morocco from Spain resumed on April 18.

At present, both vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals are allowed entry into the country. According to the Moroccan National Airports Office, health restrictions for entering Moroccan territory have been lifted. Therefore, starting from September 30, it is no longer necessary to present a PCR test result or a vaccination certificate.

Passengers will only need to complete a health form, which can be downloaded online from this link. The form can also be filled out directly on the plane or the ship, where it will be distributed.

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